How to Measure Your Room:

Draw a floorplan of your room.


Label each wall - North, South, East & West.   (If you are not sure, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West).


Measure the length of the room down the center and do the same for the width of the room.   Indicate the measurements on your floorplan.


If you have a complex or odd shaped room, divide the room into sections (making blocks) and measure width and length.





Show Door location and whether it swings in or out of the room.   If you can provide a measurement from the wall to the door opening, that would be most helpful.





Additional measurements to provide:

Ceiling Height - in the corner of the room, measure from the floor to the ceiling to give us your ceiling height.


Window Height - measure from the top of the glass to the floor.

Click to download PDF measuring instructions.