Help! with Choosing the right Light Fixture for your Dining Room.....

Tips for choosing the "RIGHT" light fixture for your Dining Room.

In most homes, the dining area is a prominent location where we want to highlight a beautiful, pendant light fixture. Depending on the style of your home it can be an elaborate crystal chandelier or an unexpected sleek modern fixture. But here are some basic standards that help with any type of fixture:

SIZE - How do I determine the right size fixture for my dining area?

One way to determine the correct fixture size is take your overall table size and half it. So if you have a round 60" diameter table then your fixture size would be 30". When in doubt go smaller rather than larger, in order to get that balanced look. When thinking about table size remember to consider if you are keeping your leaf in or out on a regular basis.

MOUNTING HEIGHT - What is the correct mounting height above tabletop?

The light fixture should be hung so that the bottom of the fixture is between 30" and 32" above the table surface. If you have a very tall silk floral arrangement you plan on utilizing, you may want to consider that as well and move your fixture up another couple of inches.

LIGHT AMOUNT - What is the correct amount of wattage for a room?

The way to determine the proper wattage necessary to illuminate a room is based on the overall room size. Multiply the room dimensions (wall length) to calculate your square footage. (12 feet x 16 feet = 192 square feet). Then multiply the total square footage number by 1.5 (192 x 1.5 = 288 watts) and this will give you the total number of watts. This 288 watts figure represents the total illumination needed for the room. Don’t fret if your fixture only is less than that 288 watts, as that number represents the total illumination so you can add additional lighting from wall sconces, or recessed light fixtures.

WALL SCONCES - What is the correct mounting height?

If you decide to utilize wall sconces the typical mounting height is 60” from the finished floor. Sconces are typically installed in pairs to add symmetry to the room and showcase a piece of artwork, mirror, fireplace or another focal point in the room.

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