Shhh....Secrets Designers Don't Want You to Know

I have so many clients that come in and say I want my house to look like that magazine photo or I just visited this model house and I want mine to look like that. Well, there are some "tricks" that we designers use when we are creating that "signature look" for our clients.

Rooms with Low Ceilings:

In spaces with low ceilings....(this applies to a number of older high-rise buildings or older homes)....Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal. Keep furniture low-slung to make the room seem taller. Large mirrors add scale and height to a room. They also make the space feel larger and reflect light which is especially important in narrow spaces where there is only one exterior window wall and the room is long.

Large Houses:

If you own a very large house, you need to think about the space vertically as well as horizontally. If your family rooms feels too large and you have enough space to go rollerblading through your kitchen --- you need to break up the spaces and create areas that conform with human scale. In an expansive room you need to design multiple seating areas.

Add Architectural Details:

A space will really shine if it has some architectural interest. Crown moulding, trim, wainscoting, columns, etc. --- adding these types of elements makes a room more complete. If you have a very modern home than you need to make sure you have clean lines and varying materials and play with patterns (whether it be in your flooring or backsplash).

Accessorize by showing your personality:

Accessorize with items that reflect your personality, interests or travels -- make them meaningful. Collections always add that character that make a house a home. Search out accessories that are vintage or antique, handcrafted or with patina. You don't want your home to look like it popped out of a catalog or big box store. Buy interesting pieces on your travels or scour vintage or unique shops to find interesting pieces that express your own personal sense of style.

Add Color & Pattern to your space with Accent Pillows:

The best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to bring in accent pillows on upholstery and bedding of varying pattern and colors. Designers mix patterns and solids to bring color, interest and texture into their designs.

Add Plants:

Adding a "green" element to a room softens it and brings in additional color. In a stark corner - place a small palm or tree. Living real plants are best but if you don't have a green thumb or the house is only occupied 6 months out of the year than silks are ok (just make sure it is dusted/cleaned regularly). Plants also have a great air cleaning quality so in spaces with poor ventilation or areas which windows can't be opened it's better for your health to have some real greenery!

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