Interior Design Trends 2023

We, designers are always trying to be "one step ahead"; constantly looking for new items, new products, evaluating trends and basically staying on top of what is happening in the fashion and home furnishings world. This way we can recommend and design with a fresh approach for our clients.

So, how do designers know what styling is upcoming or what new directions will be emerging? We follow the home furnishings industry through all of the industry trade markets and shows. At these markets, manufacturers are testing or showcasing the new designs that

will be upcoming within the next 6 months or year. So designers, can get a sense of what will be styles, finishes, colors, fabric patterns, etc. are shown as well as any new technologies, features, etc. So attending these nationwide (or global) markets really helps designers get a sense of what the home consumer will start to see in the future (and how we can plan that into our designs).

After attending, the last April 2022 HighPoint Market I saw the same sort of styling over and over.. One of the major trends that you will see for the next few years is a resurgence in the use of caning (and other natural materials) in furniture. Manufacturer, after manufacturer had incorporated caning, twised rope, teak woods, raffia, etc. into their furniture pieces. This "organic" look works wonderfully in the Florida market, so I was very happy to see it. I feel like they took the " Modern Boho" style and reworked it to be a bit more formal. As in my opinion, the Boho style is very casual and super eclectic while this new organic look is a more coastal and feels a bit more like what I would catagorize as "Modern Californian Coastal" - sort of a Serena & Lily look with some modern touches and clean lines.

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