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Accessories & Accessorizing

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Elegant living area accessories i.e. candles, trays, etc.
Coffee table accessorizing

Always an important part of the design of your home and always the LAST to happen "accessories"….Many times the client’s budget doesn’t allow for accessories & the designer accessorizing since it is the absolute last part of the project. This is a mistake. A good designer will incorporate a client’s heirloom pieces, collections, and meaningful personal items into the design. Typically, when the project is a refresh, renovation or new construction - decorative & decor items relating to the style or design are also needed to strengthen the design intent & concept.

It is good practice to be sure to plan for the final, finishing touches that every project needs whether it be books and candlesticks on a coffee table or a gorgeous, dramatic floral on the center of a dining table. A good designer will always have a detailed list of accessory options that will enhance your home, compliment your collections and add an additional flair.

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