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How to Design a Comfortable Home....

You may think the biggest issue interior designer and interior decorators solve is making a space look “beautiful”.    Well, that is all fine and good but if the space doesn't have the right comfort level then you don’t have a successful design. COMFORT IS KEY….

Comfort is the upmost importance as the home is our sanctuary for rest, relaxation and recharging both physically and mentally.

HERE ARE SOME EASY WAYS to make sure your home is comfortable.

TEST/TRY OUT SOFA & CHAIR SEAT CUSHIONS before purchasing. If you are purchasing new furniture for your home items like sofas, upholstered chairs, chaises, etc. - all need to be super comfortable. Yes, the sofa can be beautiful to look at but with lousy cushions, you are not going to have a sofa that actually want to sit on.  Seat cushion core is of the upmost importance.   One of the newest seat cushions on the market is “Memory Foam”.    Mattress manufacturers have been making mattresses for quite a while out of memory foam (think Tempur-pedic) but now most upholstery manufacturers are also offering memory foam cushions.  Memory foam lets you sink right in but bounce back when you get up. Another designer favorite cushion type is a “Spring Down” foam cushion; meaning there is a coiled spring core, covered in foam and then wrapped in a channeled feather-filled down-proof ticking/dacron wrap. The foam & spring offer a resilient feel while the feathers batting adds softness.

Another designer favorite includes an all "Down Cushion"; which are all down feathers contained in a ticking cover; they are extremely comfortable but they require constant fluffing as they will mat down.

You need to consider what is best and more comfortable for you....People with back problems tend to want/need a firmer seat cushion. A too soft or squishy cushion won't offer enough support and make it harder to get out of a piece of furniture. Older people generally want a cushion that is easier to get out of.

So when shopping for new furniture items, ask the salesperson about the cushion type and sit on different ones in the store to determine your preference.    Or you can bring your cushions to a local upholsterer and have them remake the cushion cores to your specifications.


Whether you have wall-to-wall (broadloom) carpet or an area rug - you need a nice plush rug pad or underlayment underneath your wall-to-wall carpeting so you don’t feel that hard floor.    We like Jaipur Living Extra Plush rug pads.    Invest in rug pads and when replacing or purchasing new area rugs. When installing new wall-to-wall carpeting spend time looking at the different foam padding and select for the highest grade you can afford.


Choose a comfortable mattress that fits your personal likes and health.   For the best information on mattresses, etc. refer to Tips for Creating a True Master Retreat, on our Blog dated February 12, 2024.


Invest in pillows that provide enough neck/head support and allow you to read or watch TV comfortably.    We really like Eastern Accents Loure Faux Down pillows.    For those people who prefer 100% real down we like Downright which offers every type of down from Siberian to Hungarian. If those selections are out of your budget head to discount Home Decor stores like Homegoods or Marshalls and try out (feel) different closeout brands (they even sell Ralph Lauren and other luxury brands there).   Or shop the big sales at Macy’s.   It’s worth the time finding the right pillows so every-night you are relaxing to the max.

These tips & tricks will really make your home "the comfort capital" and will offer you the best results for making your home the most relaxing & comfortable it can be!!!

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