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How to pick the Best Bed Sheets for your home....

Many people are confused on what they should be looking for when buying bed sheets. Bed sheets are pretty important when you think about actually how much time you spend in your bed. The New York Post did an article in 2019 stating you spend 36 Years of your life in BED !!!

Regardless, if you sleep 4 hours vs. 8 hours per night - comfort is most important.

When looking for sheeting - Quality is most important. Always look at the TYPE of Fiber (rather than thread count). A higher thread count doesn't mean anything if the fiber itself is inferior. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven per one square inch of fabric. You need to really think about what is most personally comfortable to you and how you sleep.

Most people think "Cotton" when buying sheets. Anything with a long staple (like Egyptian Cotton) is going to be good. Again, you need to consider what is your preference; as there are different types of cotton..... A person who sleeps hot is not likely going to like Sateen. Even though Sateen is a cotton, it is woven tightly and it drapes the body and creates an insulating effect. Sateen has lustrous feel and has a shiny finish.

Percale is also a cotton, but it is going to be more crips and hotel-like, it's better for people who want to be more cool. It has a matte finish. So you need to think about your climate and how you sleep. (For instance, flannel sheets in the summer (in any location) is just going to be too hot).

For our Cotton sheeting we like to use Eastern Accents, they have a vast selection of both Sateen and Percale in a variety of colors, patterns, etc. Remember Percale sheets will get softer with each wash.

The newest fibers on the market are Bamboo and Tencell/Lyocell and these are both derived from wood pulp sources.

Bamboo is botanically categorized as a grass rather than a tree; it's sustainable & fast growing. Bamboo is turned into fabric either by chemical or mechanical means. Bamboo fabrics are cooling and self-regulating. Our favorite sheeting picks are from Cozy Earth. Sheets made from Bamboo are very comfortable; as they are extremely soft and smooth. They wick moisure away from the body, are breathable and don't trap heat close to the body. (So an excellent choice for those of us living in Florida)! The negatives are price (can be more costly, and can be prone to wrinkling).

Tencell/Lyocell fibers are mostly from the Eucalyptus Tree. Their production process generally avoids the use of dangerous chemicals, so a great environmental choice. The feel is very soft and smooth. It is ideal for warm/hot sleepers as it actually has a "cool feel" to the touch. It is absorbent, takes dye well (so lots of pretty color choices) and is less prone to wrinkling. It has a lustrous and less matte look. The negatives are price (can be more expensive like Bamboo and lacks a crispness like cotton sheeting). It can be more susceptible to mildew (due to it's hydrophilic nature) but this shouldn't be a problem if cared for properly.

So the next time you are shopping for sheets - put some thought into what you think would be most comfortable for you before making that purchase.

Happy Sheet Shopping !!!

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