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Revamping your Holiday Decor

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Coastal blue and white christmas decorations
Revamping Christmas Wreath in Blue & White

Today I took on the task of decorating our home for Christmas. The only problem was we recently moved and our new home palette is much more coastal and I wanted to decorate in blues, whites & silver; while all of our decorations were red, gold & green. So I decided to revamp our existing christmas decorations in a more coastal scheme (rather than purchasing all new). First, I purchased very inexpensive plastic resin Christmas Decorations (balls, stars, etc.) in aquas, silver & soft blues. I also purchased very inexpensive fabric blue & white poinsettia flowers (online and via craft stores (on sale)). I then removed all of the red holly branches, gold ribbons, etc. and with my trusty glue gun and some floral wire reattached all new in blue/white and finished with a handmade bow. With just a little time you can update your existing decorations and provide a new fresh look without too much expense & effort.

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