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Tips for creating a true "Master Retreat"....

First, the obvious, a good's night sleep is ESSENTIAL so choosing the right mattress for you is imperative. You must, must, must have a good mattress that works for your body type.  Everyone has a different viewpoint on what is comfortable.   Do you need a temperature regulating "Cooling" mattress? Do you need a firm mattress (for those with back issues)? Do you like soft and plush? Pillow topped? Memory foam or a combination of foam & springs? These are all things to consider when purchasing a mattress as it is an investment in your comfort & health. Some good mattress companies to consider include: Tempur-pedic, Nolah, Casper or Saatva. We have experience with all of these manufacturers and have had no complaints, the nice thing about all of them is you can order online, they arrive in a box and you typically have a 30 day return period if you don't like the way they feel.

Those with back issues will want a firmer mattress (think Tempur-pedic Breeze). Side sleepers might prefer a Nolah Evolution.  I have clients with joint pain really like the Casper Wave Hybrid.

Or some people like soft, plush & cushiony; Nolah Signature or Saatva Classic Plush Top pillow top mattresses work well. Or add a separate pillow top on your existing mattress if you need to stay with what you have and just want it a bit more plush.  


Great sheets are next.   We like Cozy Earth, their bamboo sheets are soft and silky and temperature regulating.  Other types are Pima Cotton (breathable & lightweight) or Sateen (soft and luxurious but heavier (great for colder climates))…again all depends on the weight and feel you like.


I like a bed with headboard, footboard and rails, but if you don’t have a complete bed a nice upholstered headboard can be purchased inexpensively at Wayfair matched with a regular metal bedframe is fine too.   Just dress up and hide that ugly bed frame with a tailored bedskirt or modern box spring cover.


For the bedding, we love layering.   First a good mattress pad, sheets then a blanket (if in cold climate) topped with either a duvet, coverlet or quilt.  I always like a second duvet or quilt folded neatly at the foot of the bed.


You must add pillows!  We like Euros (square pillows) 27x27size against headboard. Use 2 for a Queen bed and 3 for a King and then add your sleeping pillows.  We then like to add decorative Standard or King Sham pillows in front of our sleeping pillows.   You can add a decorative accent pillows such as a lumbar, bolster, or 2 smaller pillows (size: 21x21 or 20x20).   


Why so many pillows you ask?  A variety of pillows gives a luxurious look and makes the bed soft and cozy.   They are nice to lean against for reading or watching TV and also can add color, texture and pattern.


Finish with flanking nightstands or chests (easier to reach up then to reach down) so think about height.    We like table lamps for reading on our nightstands.   For ultimate restfulness - try to have your electronics charging elsewhere in the room.   


For a nice finishing touch include a small vase on flowers on the nightstand or a stalk of bamboo.  Something fresh & green is always a great idea.


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