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4 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Home without purchasing any new furniture!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

As we move into the New's some easy ways to spruce up and freshen your home for 2023!

exterior wood stained shutter
Wood Shutter Window Treatment

#1 - DEEP CLEAN.....How boring you say, well a good deep clean really makes things sparkle again and makes items look fresh & new. Take a look at the wall sconces & vanity lights in your bathroom; I bet they could use a good clean/polish. Steam from daily showers can make globes get coated with dust. A nice clean on your glass and polish on your metal surfaces will make things shine & look new. Getting your carpeting professionally cleaned and getting your grout (and/or tile) professionally cleaned will make your flooring (and wall tile) look brand new. Other things to consider: getting windows professionally cleaned, ceiling fans & all lighting cleaned, door casing/window sills wet wiped & dusted, change all hvac filters, clean all mirrors & artwork frames.....vacuum, wet wipe & dust Not only will your home smell fresher but it will be sparkling clean.

#2 - CHANGE OUT OLD LIGHT BULBS......If you have old bulbs in your ceiling fixtures & lamps the light may appear very yellow and uneven. Change out all of your bulbs, make sure you are using the same KELVIN temperature and make sure you are using the correct wattage for each fixture. The Kelvin designation is the color of the bulb. The color closest to daylight is 2700K and ranges up to the 4,000's. As you move up to higher number, the light becomes bluer. 4000K is like hospital light. I recommend staying in the 3000 to 3200K range. I always buy a few different Kelvin colors and try out in the home (to see which color looks the best). Your home improvement store will have a plethera of Kelvin bulb colors; be sure to get all the same color once you land on which one looks best in your home. A brighter light will again freshen and make your home sparkle a bit more!

#3 - DECLUTTER.......We all accumulate "stuff"; however things can start to take over, become dust collectors and clutter and cloud the design of our homes. If you display a collection of some sort, have it in displayed in (1) area only; within a piece of furniture or dedicate one area (stylishly displayed) on floating shelves, etc. You don't want collections spread out all over the house or all over a room. Clean out pieces and items that you don't want anymore and donate to a local charity or nonprofit. Think about pieces that make a statement. Little pieces of art should be grouped together (not one tiny piece of art on one huge wall). Think about your accessories, if they don't make sense, or are faded/worn/etc. it's time to toss or donate.

#4 - ADD FRESH FLOWERS...... Add a vase of fresh flowers (no need to buy a pricey arrangement - just buy a bouquet of fresh loose flowers and arrange yourself in a reused bottle or inexpensive glass vase). OR purchase some small pots of fresh herbs or flowers and display on a kitchen window sill or on a tray on your kitchen counter. Fresh plants or flowers add nice greenery and color to our interior spaces. We always finish our interiors with fresh flowers or greenery and always have it on hand when shooting photoshoots. Even some wildflowers or palms picked outside will enhance your home.

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