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Designing a Pet Friendly Home .... Advice from a Professional Interior Designer

Everyone wants a beautiful home however a good percentage of homeowners have pets.   So what can you do to make sure you can still have a beautiful home that your pets will not ruin or damage?


Before you purchase any items…..make sure you know what exactly are the items made of.   Choose upholstery items covered/upholstered in “performance” fabrics.   This means the fabric will resist soil/stain and it easily cleanable.   Sunbrella, Crypton, Revolution, etc. are these type of fabrics.   Stay away from silks, viscose and natural linens which are much harder to clean and will stain more easily.   House Beautiful recommends:

dog lounging on chair
Designing a Pet Friendly Home


Choose area rugs made of wool, polyester, olefin or PET fibers.   Avoid viscose, tencel or bamboo silk in area rugs.   These are all cellulose (wood pulp fibers) and these are not easily cleanable and will leave a permanent stain. 


If you are really concerned about your pets damaging your rugs, purchase inexpensive machine-made rugs or washable “Ruggables” ( so they can be washed or easily replaced if case of some sort of accident.


Choose washable bedding made of cotton or polyester fibers and avoid “dry-clean” only fabrics.   Avoid silks and linens.


Use a cotton or washable blanket or throw on beds and sofas/furniture where pets generally sleep.   Launder regularly to avoid pet smells & soil.


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum - to keep pet fur at bay on carpeting, area rugs and upholstery.


Lastly, provide areas for your pets, so they know what is “their” space; scratching posts, cat trees, pet beds, a reachable basket full of their toys - your home is their home too and they need to feel like they have their space and their stuff!


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