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How to add Coastal Style to your home

Being a professional Interior Designer and Interior Design company located in Sarasota, Florida; we design a lot of “Coastal” styled and decorated homes.  

Here are some easy ways to incorporate coastal interior design into your home.

First, decide on what type of Coastal Style do you want?   West Indies (darker woods with crisp whites & blues), California Style (modern, lighter sand tones), Traditional (more traditional styling balanced in lighter color palette), Mediterranean (Italianate or Greek with whites & crisp blues), Cottage Coastal (lots of whites in cottage or beach bungalow home), etc.

Use coastal accent colors and palettes such as; light blues, turquoise, aquas, beiges, whites….think “sea and sand”.  Choose colors that mimic the beautiful beaches & coastline.  Incorporate these colors in your paint, wallpaper, bedding, accent pillows, area rugs, draperies, accessories, etc.

Choose and add decor items that incorporate natural and coastal materials in their construction & design…..Integrate light fixtures (wall sconces, chandeliers & pendants), artwork, mirrors, lamps etc. that feature elements or accents of hemp, rope, shells, driftwood, teak, linen, etc.

For a more sophisticated Coastal Style, stay away from novelty prints showcasing starfish, seashells, etc.    Instead incorporate interesting patterns and textures using the coastal color palettes and utilize a mixture of patterns & solids.

Choose furnishings that incorporate woven elements such as, rattan, rope, natural woods, linens, wicker, etc.

With these simple steps you can create a successful Coastal style in your home!

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