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How to Decorate your home like an HGTV Design Show.....

If you are reading this blog…there is a good chance you are a fan of HGTV, Magnolia, DIY or one of the many interior design / interior decorating shows.    Here are some design tips to make your home shine like it’s been decorated and styled by a professional interior designer.


1.  CLEAN / NEAT / TIDY…..eliminate clutter, clean, dust and make sure your home is in order.   Designers hate mess, dust & dirt.   We all like our projects to look ready for a magazine shoot so a pile of junk on the countertop or stacks of trash isn’t going to work.


2.  REPEATING STYLE / COLOR…..typically, there is an accent color that is repeated throughout the interiors in different ways.   A blue accent pillow on the sofa, an area rug with blue tones, a touch of blue in the piece of artwork.   Designers weave a story in a home by creating a sense of consistency and reinforcing a motif or design.   By using touches of the same color or accent you are creating a stylized design.


3.  LIGHTING…LIGHTING….LIGHTING…. Nothing screams cheap like a run of the mill chandelier fixture that every home improvement store sells.  Step up your game and install a piece of lighting that makes a statement.   It can be a repurposed piece, a vintage piece, or something purchased online or at your local lighting store.   Just make sure it’s something that has some personality and swag.   Do you like beads, metallics, crystals, simple and elegant or bold and crazy….?? Express your personality and find something “Distinctive”!


4. DON’T FORGET THE OUTDOORS….Ever notice that every show pans out to show the front AND the back of the house.   Remember curb appeal!   Your front entry has to be neat, tidy, welcoming and inviting.    A set of pretty potted plants flanking the front door.   A freshly painted front door (in an accent color or a nice black), mulched (or river rock) flower beds… Whatever you do make it memorable.   Don’t forget the back yard.   Do you have a deck, balcony or yard?    Whatever you do - make sure the views from the interior flow to the exterior.   Frame interior windows with decorative draperies.    Utilize outdoor areas, add a fire pit table, conversation area with plush club chairs or just a nice comfy chair with an ottoman and small drink table for reading a book having a nice cup of tea.  

Whatever you do, make it comfortable, pretty and usable.


Use what you have and remember designers design in all different styles, colors and architecture styles.   Pick what makes most sense for you (your architectural style home, your climate, your lifestyle & your personality)! But most important - have fun decorating !!!


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