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Why should I use Wallpaper ??

As a professional interior designer I see alot of clients shy away from using wallpaper.   They are afraid to use it in their home.   Don’t be afraid of wallpaper!   Designers love to utilize wallpaper in their project and I will tell you why -  it is a great resource to create a feature wall, add pattern, texture, color or interest to you home.   

 If you are worried about cost …. Stick to “paper” or “vinyl”.   Wallcoverings today come in a variety of materials including grasscloth, vinyl, cork, mica, glass beaded, hand-painted, wood veneered etc.    Once you start moving into the specialty finishes and materials the price goes up. Stick to just a “paper” or “vinyl” and you will see the best price.


I get asked alot about being able to use wallpaper in a bathroom.  In a powder bathroom you can use a speciality paper but in a bathroom with a shower I like to stick with using a vinyl.   Vinyl papers come in Type I and Type II.   Type II are washable, scrubbable.   If you have young children or are worried about getting cleaners on the paper, etc. go with a Type II Vinyl.   This is the type of wallcovering used in a hotels so it can handle some abuse.


My personal rules about using “paper” wallpaper …. Make sure you have a smooth wall surface.  If you have any type of wall texture (like orange peel, etc.) I recommend having a drywall contractor do a nice smooth coat.   If you have a vinyl or a thicker paper this will typically hide the textured wall surface, so you probably won’t need it (but check with your installer).  I don’t like to use liners, I feel that they still show wall texture through them so if you don’t have a smooth wall finish - look at using a vinyl wallcovering (rather than a paper).


What about “Peel-Stick” wallpaper? To be honest, I have not tried it yet.  I know my trusted installer does not like it and I have to make sure anything I install for clients won’t come down or peel off.   So I don’t have experience with using it yet.  I say go for it - if you are in a rental and need to remove it.   But for anything permanent I would not recommend it.


Lastly, have a professional install your paper!   They will tell you how many rolls you need and can figure out repeats and matches (random, reverse, etc.). Figuring out how much paper you need and installing it is harder than you think!  Wallpaper comes in different roll widths, and is priced in single rolls but only sold in double rolls or some paper is only sold by the yard.   So leave it to the professionals and you won’t have any issues.


Some great wallpaper companies to look at include York, Thibaut, Phillip Jeffries, Wallquest, and MDC.   Some have some fun and think about papering a room or just an accent wall!

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