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How to Decorate like a Designer....

Decorating your home can be overwhelming to some people.    Here are some Tips to help you decorate like a Pro.


BALANCE……. You don’t want too many or too little accessories / decorative items.     Take a good look at your room; you should have a few featured pieces but surfaces shouldn’t be covered with items.  


CLEANILESS…..If you have anything with a layer of dust, you need to clean or toss.   Old faux plants or trees with a layer of thick dust?   Stack of old magazines piling up?   Frayed or stained accent sofa pillows?   Time to replace or remove (or give a good cleaning/dusting/scrubbing) .


TEXTURE…..COLOR…..PATTERN….. A way to add interest in your interiors is to add pieces that have texture, color and/or pattern.   If everything is the same color and same texture the space can look stark and boring.   You need to bring in complimenting patterns, colors or even just some different textures (if you have a monochromatic style).   


SCALE…… Make sure your furniture fits the space and is the right size.    If pieces are too large for the room they can overwhelm and make your space look too small.   If your space is very large and your furniture pieces are too small (or not enough pieces) the space doesn’t look finished and is too empty.     Your goal is to make each room & space inviting and welcoming.   


STYLE….. You need to think about your style – what are you trying to convey?   

Incorporate accessories in finishes & styles that convey the look you want to establish:

-Modern Farmhouse – think black metals, rustic or salvaged woods

-Coastal – think natural materials like rattan, wicker, wovens, or sea shells

-Traditional – think gilded frames, tortoise shell finishes and beautifully detailed porcelain pieces

-Modern / Contemporary – think acrylics and mixed metals, pieces with polished and sleek edges

-Boho – think macrame and woven pieces, live plants & accent pillows in textures/shag materials

-Country / Cottage – think whitewashed or rustic pieces, vintage & florals or pretty plaids

Thinking about these elements will help you design, accessorize and style your space just like a Professional Decorator !


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